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After Taiju’s dramatic entry culminated in his face-off against Benkei and Wakasa in the last chapter, Tokyo Revengers chapter 260 shows the fight’s progression. The few raw panels leaked today, July 2, showcase the former Black Dragon Duo tag-teaming the former 10th Gen Black Dragon President.

However, the true surprise of the chapter, according vĩ đại the leaks, lies in the reappearance of Senju Kawaragi, whom many readers had feared vĩ đại be dead or indisposed. Mikey also makes an appearance, and the leaks suggest that Tokyo Revengers chapter 260 will kết thúc on a shocking note.

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 260 leaks show Senju’s return, Benkei and Wakasa get the upper hand against Taiju

In the last chapter, it was revealed that Mitsuya was the one vĩ đại recruit Taiju into Toman, and no other thành viên, including Takemichi, was aware of it. Taiju wanted vĩ đại see Takemichi go against Mikey and assured the Toman President that he was the only one who could win against Manjiro Sano. Taiju and Takemichi charged towards Mikey when the former was confronted by Benkei and Wakasa in an individual fight.

According vĩ đại the spoilers, Tokyo Revengers chapter 260 is titled Squaring off Against.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 260 raw scans

According vĩ đại the raw scans, Tokyo Revengers chapter 260 begins with Benkei and Wakasa engaging Taiju in a brawl. The panels reveal a sudden appearance of Kawaragi Senju, beaten up and bloody, who is watching the fight in awe and trepidation. As the fight progresses, the chapter focuses on Wakasa and Taiju. Waka is clearly at an advantage with his high kicks and agile footwork. Benkei is seen throwing a few punches and mostly joining in during combined attacks.

The other part of the spoilers giao dịch with Mikey looking at someone with a steely gaze and delivering a speech. Speculation runs rampant as vĩ đại who is speaking vĩ đại Mikey and what is being said; many think it's either Hanma or Takemichi that's speaking vĩ đại Mikey.

A panel depicting the word “vs.” indicates that Mikey will be seen in another fight, although it is yet vĩ đại be disclosed with whom.

An additional panel of Kokonoi as a cát and Inupi as a dog brings some hilarity vĩ đại this tense chapter. Wakui likely portrays Koko and Inui as spectators for the match between Taiju and the Legendary duo, especially considering that they have lost vĩ đại Benkei and Wakasa previously.


Tokyo Revengers chapter 260 is likely vĩ đại focus on the brawl between the Legendary duo and Taiju, but Senju’s appearance makes the outcome uncertain. Mikey’s expression makes it likely that he is facing Takemichi, who is likely pleading with him vĩ đại return vĩ đại their side. Either way, there are three prominent theories regarding the upcoming fight:

1) Mikey fights Takemichi, which most consider unlikely due vĩ đại it being too early in the arc for what is essentially the final fight of the series.

2) Mikey or Hanma fights Senju, which would be both emotionally charged and visually spectacular, although it would not make much sense plot-wise.

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3) Senju fights Benkei and Wakasa after they defeat Taiju, which, while emotional and poetic, would imply that Taiju’s aid essentially helped Takemichi with Sanzu and nothing else.

In any case, Tokyo Revengers chapter 260 is phối vĩ đại be both plot-heavy and action-packed. It remains vĩ đại be seen whether any details about Sanzu or the second time traveler will be revealed once the official translation is published.

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