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Jan 2009


Saitama vs Tatsumaki finally starts lets see how Tatsumaki will fair against OP Saitama


Oct 2017


Tatsumaki created a tornado. She was quite cheeky fighting Saitama.

ok chapter. Idk about the point of this fight anymore. In the webcomic saitama steps on tatsumaki's ego and ví the fight happens, but here it seems to lớn be happening because she wants to lớn kiểm tra if he is good enough for fubuki or something. Probably at the kết thúc of this arc she will say "I approve you and fubuki being together". idk why one and Murata changed it. Not really digging the change. Hope they bởi some good changes in the future arcs.

ZeroZ00Feb 9, 11:10 AM

Certified Simp


Feb 2017


Another great chapter!! Tatsumaki is a literal goddess bruh.

Murata doesn't hold back on these booty shots anymore XD


Apr 2016


The last panel is bủ any time I go anywhere lol
I didn't think they'd actually fight, I hope Saitama puts Tatsumaki in her place! As much as I lượt thích her she's acting way too pompous here, she needs some humbling!


Mar 2015


they look lượt thích they are having fun.

"If taking responsibility for a mistake that cannot be undone means death, it's not that hard to lớn die. At least, not as hard as to lớn live on."


May 2020


The fight seems lượt thích anything but serious. Though it was always that way to lớn Saitama, heck even Tatsumaki just enjoying herself. Not quite what I wanted, but it's better kêu ca nothing.


Dec 2013


Looks lượt thích Tatsumaki is starting to lớn enjoy herself by the kết thúc.

The Shrike


Nov 2009


This might be one of the longest conversations Tatsumaki has had in her life, lol. And Saitama is surprisingly patient all things considered

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There is a cult of ignorance (...) nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” Isaac Asimov


Dec 2014


Do you lượt thích bủ or something!?!?!?



Mar 2014


Saitama went from 
"This looks lượt thích it could be fun"


"Man I wanna go trang chủ..."

Quickly lol

Just give her a good pat on the head Saitama

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"You can't spell slaughter without laughter".

A battle for Fubuki’s heart. You got this Saitama.

Saitama really got dragged into a fight he doesn’t want to lớn be in 🤣🤣

[aka Chapter 179] 

Tatsumaki "Do you lượt thích bủ or something!?!? Pervert"
Saitama "This looks lượt thích it could be fun"
Saitama "Man I wanna go trang chủ..." 

Tatsumaki's lượt thích "You're not good for Fubuki". (It'll be interesting how this ends) 
As usual Saitama has been patient till now. Let's see if this also ends in one punch! :D
More to lớn come! 

Doutei-kunFeb 9, 2:02 PM


Nov 2012


Honestly, ganh đua was just a huge filler, it felt lượt thích a deception, such a shame.


Jan 2021


This was a really good chapter that had bủ laughing a lot! I loved at the start where Tatsumaki was spinning Saitama around and he just looks 100% unfazed. Also with Tatsumaki asking Saitama if he's into her and then Tatsumaki getting mad when Saitama said that she would run rẩy away if he let go. Saitama saying "that looks lượt thích it could be fun to lớn do!" when Tatsumaki made a tornado was hilarious. That new esper will definitely be showing up probably in a while being a lot stronger. That one panel of Saitama jumping on one of the rocks Tatsumaki threw looked awesome and gave huge Garou VS Saitama vibes. Something that looked funny was when Tatsumaki threw a rock at the xế hộp by accident and Saitama with his goofy face said "ah shit." and then sped over in an instant. Also one last thing, Saitama calling Tatsumaki a midget and her going mad made bủ laugh out loud. There's definitely something between them, I can feel it. Saitama and Tatsumaki definitely won't be getting away from each other for a while.


Jan 2014


damn it, I thought they're gonna go all out lượt thích when Saitama fight Garou


Dec 2020


The fight between Tatsumaki and Saitama is stil ongoing. It's funny to lớn see Tatsumaki get mad after being called a midget.



Jan 2020


Another great chapter I honestly hope this manga never ends, when Saitama accidentally flung the piece of debris towards the xế hộp I couldn't stop laughing his reaction was hilarious can't wait for the next chapter :)


Nov 2008


Just where did they get that 50+ year old Stingray?

Abyhape said:
damn it, I thought they're gonna go all out lượt thích when Saitama fight Garou

Bro Saitama doesn’t wanna kill her 💀


Aug 2020


This Saitama and tatsuki chaps are being more fun kêu ca expected can't wait for next chap...


Apr 2017


HueyLion said:
Just give her a good pat on the head Saitama

Saitama doesn't bởi pats, he kills, that's why he gotta play along until Tatsu realizes she's not doing anything to lớn him.

this fight is ví goofy... I LOVE IT!!!



Apr 2016


King is a lucky man, he look the panties!!! kekeke

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