one day suddenly seoul is

One Day, Suddenly, Seoul Is is a popular manga written by Park chang-geun . The story is translated lớn English and covers Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of One Day, Suddenly, Seoul Is and can be read for miễn phí.

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The terrible variation virus that suddenly hit Seoul one day! Yeon-u, who has been on a school trip lớn Seoul, is ví singing about the idea that he can get acquainted with the same class soyon, who was usually unrequited love. Unidentified cells appeared in front of The Yeonwoo-ne Class while sightseeing in Seoul. The math trips of classmates lượt thích the actors turn into hell because of the cells that turn the infected into a ferocious figure when they come into liên hệ...! Can Yeon-so escape Seoul safely?

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