kiều thê của thầy trừ ma

Mejaz·Jade of the World

Mejaz·Jade of the World



Mo Yan and Xuanyuan Yu were married đồ sộ strengthen the bonds between two great magic families. While Mo Yan initially viewed it as a superficial relationship that would last for only two years, he eventually realized that Xuanyuan Yu had come đồ sộ occupy a place within his heart. However, endless contradictions hide the truth. Can these two ever come together?

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Other Names

A Caçadora de Demônios

A World of Their Own

Kiều Thê Của Thầy Trừ Ma

La Novia Caza demonios

Mejaz Regulus in the World

Mejaz-Regulus au monde

Moye Renjian Yu

Nhân Gian Ngọc

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Pengantin Pembasmi Iblis

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Beautiful Female Lead, Revenge, Secrets, Smart Female Lead, Strong Family, Strong Male Lead, Demon S, Monster S, Magic, Magical Creature S, Stepsiblings, Full Màu sắc, Handsome Male Lead, Monster Hunter S, Marriage, Complicated Family, Stepmother S, Arranged Marriage, Sibling Rivalry, Cold Female Lead, Political Marriage, Historical Fantasy, Manhua, Chinese Ambient, Nhái Couple Becomes Genuine, Marriage Set By Family, Ancient Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Cultivation Power