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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is a Japanese manga series written and storyboarded by Hiro Mashima, and illustrated by Atsuo Ueda. It is a sequel to lớn Mashima's Fairy Tail series, focusing on Natsu Dragneel and his team from the titular wizard guild as they aim to lớn complete an unfinished, century-old mission. The manga was launched in Kodansha's Magazine Pocket manga phầm mềm in July 2018, and is licensed by Kodansha USA for an English release in North America. As of August 2023, fifteen tankōbon volumes have been released in nhật bản. An anime television series adaptation has been announced.

One year following the demise of Zeref and Acnologia, Natsu Dragneel and his team from the Fairy Tail wizard guild embark on the 100 Years Quest, a mission that has been unaccomplished for over a century, on the northern continent of Guiltina. There the team learns that their mission is to lớn seal the Five Dragon Gods, a group of dragons whose power rivals Acnologia's and threatens to lớn cause worldwide destruction. Meanwhile, Fairy Tail recruits a new thành viên named Touka, who is possessed by a witch that aims to lớn seize the dragons' powers for her own purposes.

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Elefseria is the founding master of Magia Dragon,[Jp. 1] Earth-land's first wizard guild, located on the northern continent of Guiltina.Ch. 1 He serves as Fairy Tail's client for the 100 Years Quest, which he issued following a failed attempt at defeating the Five Dragon Gods by teaching himself Dragon Slayer magic, resulting in his transformation into a dragon. As such, he has remained alive for the 160 years since making his request, using magic to lớn assume his original human appearance.Ch. 2 As the "Dragon of Law",[Jp. 2] he possesses knowledge of all things in the world.Ch. 93

Touka is an Exceed girl who is possessed by Faris,Ch. 17, 67 a human shrine maiden who pretends to lớn be the White Wizard (白魔導士, Shiro Madōshi, also "White Mage") – the missing leader of the white magic cult Rebellious[Jp. 3] – with her ability to lớn steal others' magic and erase it or control their minds,Ch. 15 for which she is thought to lớn be as dangerous as Zeref, the Black Wizard.Ch. 9 Both Touka and Faris are originally from a parallel universe called Elentear,Ch. 64, 66 which Faris attempts to lớn save from the dragon god Selene by erasing powerful sources of magic in Earth-land, including Fairy Tail and the Five Dragon Gods, using Touka's "Aqua Aera" magic to lớn travel between worlds.Ch. 67 Touka appears to lớn be enamored with Natsu, who unknowingly saved her from bandits during his training journey,Ch. 1 but is later revealed to lớn be in love with Happy, having mistaken Natsu's name as his.Ch. 43

The Five Dragon Gods[Jp. 4] are a group of dragons who survived the Dragon King Festival by fleeing to lớn Guiltina to lớn hide from Acnologia.Ch. 20 Since then, they are each considered to lớn have become as strong as Acnologia,Ch. 1 and are viewed as deities by Guiltina's citizens.Ch. 24 Several of the dragons have the ability to lớn assume humanoid forms.Ch. 20 To prevent them from causing a potential catastrophe, the object of the 100 Years Quest is for wizards to lớn seal the dragons away.Ch. 3

Diabolos[Jp. 11] is a guild of "fifth-generation" Dragon Slayers called Dragon Eaters who gain their abilities by consuming dragons.Ch. 6 Led by Georg Reizen (ゲオルグ・ライゼン, Georugu Raizen),Ch. 23 the guild comes into conflict with Fairy Tail over the Five Dragon Gods, whose power is desired by the Dragon Eaters.Ch. 6

The guild's strongest force is the Dark Dragon Slayer Knights,[Jp. 12] a team of four Dragon Eaters who were given the powers of dragons killed by Georg.Ch. 90 Its members are:

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Following the conclusion of Fairy Tail on July 26, 2017, Hiro Mashima posted a tweet on April 5, 2018, announcing that sequel to lớn the series was being developed as a spin-off manga, although he did not specify that he would be returning as the illustrator.[3] On June 27, Mashima announced that the manga was tentatively titled Fairy Tail Zokuhen (FAIRY TAIL続編, lit. "Fairy Tail Sequel"),[4] which was confirmed on July 4 to lớn be drawn by Atsuo Ueda with original storyboards provided by Mashima.[2]

The manga was launched with two chapters in Kodansha's Magazine Pocket manga phầm mềm on July 25, 2018, under the title Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, while the first chapter was simultaneously published in the 34th issue of Weekly Shōnen Magazine.[2][5] On August 28, 2018, Ueda tweeted that chapters would be released every two weeks beginning on September 5, 2018.[6] The manga was published for an English language release by Kodansha USA in August 2019.[7][8]

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN 1 November 9, 2018[9]978-4-06-513398-9August 20, 2019[10]978-1-63-236892-8
  1. "The First Guild and the Strongest Guild" (“最初”のギルドと“最強”のギルド, "Saisho" no Girudo to lớn "Saikyō" no Girudo)
  2. "The Dragon Slayers' Lineage" (滅竜の系譜, Metsuryū no Keifu)
  3. "The Last Hope" (最後の希望, Saigo no Kibō)
  4. "Amazing Ermina" (アメイジング・エルミナ, Ameijingu Erumina)
  5. "The Sealing of the Five Dragon Gods" (五神竜を“封”じろ, Goshinryū o "Fū"jiro)
  1. "The Slaying Blade" (滅する刃, Messuru Yaiba)
  2. "The Sea of Dragons" (竜の海, Ryū no Umi)
  3. "A Dragon God's Melancholy" (神竜の憂鬱, Shinryū no Yūutsu)
  4. "Black or White?" (黒か白か, Kuro ka Shiro ka)
Natsu Dragneel's team embarks on the 100 Years Quest issued by the Magia Dragon guild on the northern continent of Guiltina. The guild's master, a formerly human Dragon Slayer named Elefseria, instructs the team to lớn subdue the Five Dragon Gods, who are each rumored to lớn rival Acnologia in power. The team travels to lớn the thành phố of Ermina in tìm kiếm of Mercphobia, the Water Dragon God, encountering a trio of Dragon Eaters from the Diabolos guild who intend to lớn gain Mercphobia's magic by devouring him. Mercphobia appears in a humanoid size to lớn over the teams' fighting, revealing that a century-old witch called the White Wizard has already stolen much of his power, which he requests Natsu's team to lớn recover before he loses control of his remaining magic. Meanwhile, Fairy Tail recruits a new thành viên named Touka, whom Jellal Fernandes suspects to lớn be the White Wizard. 2 March 8, 2019[11]978-4-06-514119-9November 19, 2019[12]978-1-63-236893-5
  1. "Diabolos of the Cutting Heart" (斬心の悪魔ディアボロス, Zanshin no Diaborosu)
  2. "Blade, Armor, Ash" (刃、 鎧、 灰, Yaiba, Yoroi, Hai)
  3. "Stars and Lightning" (星と雷, Hoshi to lớn Ikazuchi)
  4. "A Maritime Meeting" (水の巡り合わせ, Mizu no Meguriawase)
  5. "Rain and Shadow" (雨と陰, Ame to lớn Kage)
  1. "Dyed White" (白く染まる, Shiroku Somaru)
  2. "Ash and Dark Clouds" (灰と暗雲, Hai to lớn An'un)
  3. "The Holy Water Dragon" (水神竜, Suijinryū)
  4. "A Bitter Choice" (苦渋の決断, Kujū no Ketsudan)
The Diabolos trio decide to lớn target the White Wizard for Mercphobia's power, defeating Natsu's team and injuring Mercphobia. Lucy Heartfilia escapes and encounters Brandish μ, who, lượt thích Lucy, is searching Guiltina for Aquarius's key. With Brandish's help, Lucy and her imprisoned friends force Diabolos into retreat. Shortly afterward, Mercphobia loses control of himself and mindlessly attacks Ermina, overwhelming Natsu's team with his power. Meanwhile, Jellal accuses Touka of being the White Wizard, but Laxus Dreyar defends her. When Fairy Tail begins to lớn question Touka's background, the White Wizard reveals herself to lớn be another personality within Touka and attacks Jellal, only to lớn be suppressed by Touka, who is captured by Gajeel Redfox. While Touka is interrogated at Fairy Tail's guildhall, the White Wizard takes over again and steals the magic of everyone in the building. 3 July 9, 2019[13]978-4-06-515724-4February 18, 2020[14]978-1-63-236947-5
  1. "From the Depths" (深淵より, Shin'en yori)
  2. "Lineage of Fire" (炎の系譜, Honō no Keifu)
  3. "Burn It All" (全てを燃やす, Subete o Moyasu)
  4. "Team Effort" (みんながいなきゃ, Minna ga Inakya)
  5. "The Blessed Harbor Town" (祝福の港町, Shukufuku no Minatomachi)
  1. "All's Well That Ends Well" (結果オーライ, Kekka Ōrai)
  2. "Fairy Nail"
  3. "At Rainhill" (レインヒルにて, Reinhiru ni te)
  4. "Aldoron, Wood Dragon God" (木神竜アルドロン, Mokushinryū Arudoron)
Natsu is rescued from Mercphobia by Ignia, the Fire Dragon God and Igneel's biological son. Intending to lớn strengthen Natsu for a future confrontation, Ignia coaxes Natsu into eating flames imbued with the Fire Dragon God's power and flies away. Natsu's temporary power allows him to lớn defeat Mercphobia, but also nearly sends Natsu on a rampage until Lucy calms him down. Regaining his senses, Mercphobia survives and is rendered permanently powerless by his defeat, which fulfills part of Fairy Tail's mission. Out of gratitude, Mercphobia directs Fairy Tail to lớn the thành phố of Drasil to lớn find Aldoron, the Wood Dragon God. There, the team reunites with Juvia Lockser, who has escaped from the White Wizard and warns them about her shortly before they discover the town to lớn be built on top of the gargantuan Aldoron's right hand. 4 November 8, 2019[15]978-4-06-517305-3May 26, 2020 (digital)[16]
August 11, 2020 (print)[16][17]978-1-63-236948-2
  1. "White Ascendent" (白の支配, Shiro no Shihai)
  2. "Whiteout" (白滅ホワイトアウト, Howaitoauto)
  3. "Fun with Fighting" (ケンカ祭り, Kenka Matsuri)
  4. "Fairy Face-Off" (対峙する妖精たち, Taiji suru Yōsei-tachi)
  5. "Star Dress Mix" (星霊衣合成スタードレスミックス, Sutā Doresu Mikkusu)
  1. "Pain" (痛み, Itami)
  2. "New Foes" (新たなる刺客たち, Arata naru Shikaku-tachi)
  3. "Reiss, the Spirit Dragon"[c] (霊龍のレイス, Reiryū no Reisu)
  4. "Rumble in Drasil" (混戦のドラシール, Konsen no Dorashīru)
Natsu's team encounters their guildmates and Jellal, who have been brainwashed by the White Wizard. Seeking to lớn control Aldoron, the White Wizard sends the brainwashed wizards to lớn destroy five orbs across Drasil that maintain the sleeping dragon's power, destroying the orb on Aldoron's right hand; Juvia, whom Touka has freed from the White Wizard's control, warns her friends of the plan. Natsu's team splits up to lớn protect the remaining orbs and defeat their friends for Wendy Marvell to lớn return to lớn normal. However, the situation is complicated by the presence of Diabolos's members, who join the battle against Fairy Tail and the White Wizard's forces to lớn eat Aldoron for themselves; one of the Dragon Eaters, a spirit named Wraith who is impervious to lớn physical attacks, defeats Natsu and steals his soul. 5 March 9, 2020[18]978-4-06-518450-9October 27, 2020[19]978-1-63-236984-0
  1. "Beta Heaven" (β天国ベータヘヴン, Bēta Hevun)
  2. "Synchro Rate" (シンクロ率, Shinkuro-ritsu)
  3. "Coo-Coo, the Cocoon Dragon" (繭竜マユマユ, Mayuryū Mayumayu)
  4. "Thicker Than Blood" (血よりも濃い, Chi yori mo Koi)
  5. "A Card in the Hand" (反撃の切り札, Hangeki no Kirifuda)
  1. "For the Guild, I Would" (ギルドの為なら, Girudo no Tame nara)
  2. "Mistakes & Misapprehensions" (勘違い, Kanchigai)
  3. "Scarlet Showdown" (紅の激闘, Kurenai no Gekitō)
  4. "Crimson Conclusion" (紅の決着, Kurenai no Ketchaku)
Receiving guidance from the deceased Zeref Dragneel, Mavis Vermillion, and Igneel during a near-death experience, Natsu fights back against Wraith by turning his soul into a thought projection. Wraith possesses Makarov Dreyar to lớn overpower Natsu, but surrenders and ascends to lớn the afterlife upon regaining his lost memories as Makarov's friend from Fairy Tail. When the second orb is destroyed by the Dragon Eater Nebaru, Natsu and Happy fly towards the orb on Aldoron's backside and meet Touka, who reveals herself to lớn be an Exceed possessed by the human White Wizard, before the White Wizard takes control again. Meanwhile, Lucy recruits Cana Alberona – whom she discovers is drunk rather kêu ca brainwashed – to lớn seal their defeated friends within her cards, while Erza Scarlet captures Jellal and duels Laxus to lớn a draw, which allows the Dragon Eater Kiria to lớn destroy the third orb. 6 June 9, 2020[20]978-4-06-519429-4December 15, 2020[21]978-1-64-651039-9
  1. "White Will" (白の意志, Shiro no Ishi)
  2. "Clinging Dragon Berserk" (暴虐の粘竜, Bōgyaku no Nenryū)
  3. "Fifth-Generation Dragon Force" (第五世代ドラゴンフォース, Dai-go Sedai Doragon Fōsu)
  4. "The Final Orb" (最後のオーブ, Saigo no Ōbu)
  5. "The Secret of the Wood Dragon God" (木神竜の秘密, Mokushinryū no Himitsu)
  1. "The Howling Earth" (轟く大地, Todoroku Daichi)
  2. "Telepathic Trees" (読心の木々, Dokushin no Kigi)
  3. "The Most Precious Curse" (尊き呪い, Tōtoki Noroi)
  4. "God Seeds" (ゴッドシード, Goddo Shīdo)
Happy helps Natsu escape from the White Wizard by immobilizing her with one of the orbs, which he realizes she cannot touch. Meanwhile, Nebaru ignores his orders to lớn retreat and activates his Dragon Force, which begins rapidly transforming him into a dragon as he assails Wendy. Enchanting herself with Irene Belserion's residual power to lớn fight back, Wendy unwittingly awakens a mental copy of Irene herself, who returns Nebaru to lớn normal by separating his magic power from him. Mest Gryder destroys the remaining orbs, but instead of losing power, Aldoron absorbs the willing townsfolk into his body toàn thân and awakens at full strength. The White Wizard – who realizes that Selene, the Moon Dragon God, has deceived her about the orbs – loses her own magic and her control over the wizards, allowing Wendy to lớn separate her and Touka with the same spell used by Irene. Aldoron sprouts powerful God Seeds across his body toàn thân to lớn eliminate the wizards, with Aldoron himself confronting Natsu through a God Seed avatar. 7 October 9, 2020[22]978-4-06-521026-0May 18, 2021[23]978-1-64-651152-5
  1. "A Destiny of Death" (死の運命, Shi no Unmei)
  2. "Friends You Can Count On" (頼れる仲間たち, Tayoreru Nakama-tachi)
  3. "Strength to lớn Live" (生きる力, Ikiru Chikara)
  4. "Ice and Water" (氷と水, Kōri to lớn Mizu)
  5. "The Gears of Fate" (運命の歯車, Unmei no Haguruma)
  1. "Gigantify" (巨大化, Kyodaika)
  2. "Forest of Swords" (剣戟森森, Kengeki Shinshin)
  3. "Burning Will" (燃ゆる意志, Moyuru Ishi)
  4. "Celebration in Dramil" (ドラミールの宴, Doramīru no Utage)
Aldoron's avatar is gradually weakened as the other God Seeds are destroyed by the wizards; during their respective battles, Gray Fullbuster confesses his feelings for Juvia to lớn her, while Jellal is aided by Ultear Milkovich's phantom in overcoming his past guilt and accepting his own feelings for Erza. After Aldoron is distracted when the visiting Brandish briefly turns Gajeel into a giant large enough to lớn battle the dragon's body toàn thân, Natsu gains an advantage and eventually destroys the avatar, which kills Aldoron. Moving to lớn the neighboring thành phố of Dramil, Natsu's team celebrates their reunion with their friends while waiting for Touka and the White Wizard to lớn recover from their separation over the next three days. 8 February 9, 2021[24]978-4-06-522350-5September 28, 2021[25]978-1-64-651233-1
  1. "Aldo-no-Yu" (亜留土乃湯, Arudo no Yu)
  2. "Elentear" (エレンティア, Erentia)
  3. "In Edolas" (エドラスにて, Edorasu ni te)
  4. "Aqua Aera" (水の翼アクアエーラ, Akua Ēra)
  5. "Selene, the Moon Dragon God" (月神竜セレーネ, Gesshinryū Serēne)
  1. "The Hand" (, Te)
  2. "Spiria" (スピリア, Supiria)
  3. "The Spirit Arts" (霊術, Reijutsu)
  4. "The Moonlight Divinities" (月下美神, Gekka Bijin)
Touka and the White Wizard are revealed to lớn be denizens of Elentear, a parallel world that suffers from an overabundance of magic. The White Wizard casts Touka's teleportation magic on Natsu's team to lớn bring them to lớn Elentear, but accidentally sends them and herself to lớn Edolas instead, where they reunite with their acquaintances there. Chastened by her mistakes, the White Wizard identifies herself as Faris, an impersonator and guardian shrine maiden of Elentear whom Selene threatened into hunting the Five Dragon Gods for her own amusement. Selene suddenly appears and sends the group to lớn Elentear, where they are separated by a giant hand from under the world's surface. Despite their magic's enhancement in this world, Natsu's team is defeated by Selene's minions, the Moonlight Divinities. 9 July 9, 2021[26]978-4-06-524017-5December 21, 2021[27]978-1-64-651306-2
  1. "Moonlit Banquet" (月夜の宴, Tsukiyo no Utage)
  2. "Nuré-Onna" (妖怪“濡れ女”, Yōkai "Nure Onna")
  3. "Memories of Water" (水の記憶, Mizu no Kioku)
  4. "Dance of the Twin Tigers" (双虎の陣, Sōko no Jin)
  5. "Whiteout Village" (白滅の里, Hakumetsu no Sato)
  1. "The Demons' Parade" (百鬼夜行, Hyakki Yakō)
  2. "The Inhuman Path: Ohmagatoki" (外法・逢魔時, Gehō Ōmagatoki)
  3. "Suzaku" (スザク)
  4. "Sword Saint" (剣聖, Kensei)
Selene forces Natsu and Gray to lớn entertain her by battling their teammates, who have been transformed into yōkai by Yoko, one of the Moonlight Divinities. Through Lucy's enhanced magic, Aquarius summons herself to lớn Elentear and assists in returning the transformed wizards to lớn normal, allowing Erza to lớn defeat Yoko. Meanwhile, the chief shrine maiden of Faris's village summons Suzaku, one of Diabolos's elite Dark Dragon Slayer Knights, to lớn kill Selene. Suzaku attacks Fairy Tail to lớn avenge his guild, injuring Natsu and Erza. Selene appears before the wizards and duels Suzaku, while her minions Hakune and Mimi pursue Fairy Tail to lớn Faris's village. 10 November 9, 2021[28]978-4-06-525984-9July 12, 2022[29]978-1-64-651422-9
  1. "Rematch" (リベンジマッチ, Ribenji Matchi)
  2. "Mimi the Immovable" (不動のミミ, Fudō no Mimi)
  3. "Frozen Fantasy" (凍てつく夢幻, Itetsuku no Mugen)
  4. "Ice Giants" (氷の巨人, Kōri no Kyojin)
  5. "Abyss" (深淵, Shin'en)
  1. "This Hideous World" (醜き世界, Minikuki Sekai)
  2. "Alta Face" (アルタ・フェイス, Aruta Feisu)
  3. "An Elentear Evening" (エレンティアの宵, Erentia no Yoi)
  4. "Homecoming" (帰還, Kikan)
Lucy and Gray defeat Mimi and Hakune, respectively, while Suzaku injures Selene with magic gained from her son Kurunugi, a dragon slain by Diabolos's master, Georg Reizen. Natsu and Erza recover, but fail to lớn stop Selene from fleeing Elentear with Suzaku in pursuit. Elentear becomes overrun with the giant hands of Alta Face, an underground monster provoked by Selene into causing the world's magic crisis. Natsu's team destroys Alta Face, allowing Faris and her fellow shrine maidens to lớn vanquish its hands. With Elentear saved, the wizards forgive Faris and return to lớn Earthland. Meanwhile, Suzaku brings a captive Selene to lớn Georg, whom she effortlessly kills after breaking miễn phí, having feigned defeat to lớn avenge Kurunugi's death. 11 March 9, 2022[30]978-4-06-527265-7November 8, 2022[31]978-1-64-651573-8
  1. "My World" (私の世界, Watashi no Sekai)
  2. "The Great Labyrinth" (大迷宮, Daimeikyū)
  3. "The Sixth of the Five Dragon Gods" (六頭目の五神竜, Roku-tōme no Goshinryū)
  4. "Battle Dungeon" (バトルダンジョン, Batoru Danjon)
  5. "Plush Doll" (プラッシュドール, Purasshu Dōru)
  1. "Lightning and Air" (雷と大気, Ikazuchi to lớn Taiki)
  2. "Haku, the White-Tiger Dragon" (白虎竜のハク, Byakkoryū no Haku)
  3. "Enchantment Magic" (付加エンチャント魔法, Enchanto Mahō)
  4. "Scarlet Rage" (緋色の怒り, Hiiro no Ikari)
Selene becomes Diabolos's new master to lớn enlist Suzaku and his fellow Dark Dragon Slayer Knights – Kirin, Haku, and Misaki – in slaying the other surviving Dragon Gods. To accomplish this, she sends them to lớn retrieve Elefseria's disembodied second heart from the Great Labyrinth of Dogra, a dungeon made from the remains of the Earth Dragon God, Dogramag. With Natsu's team visiting Elefseria for further information on their quest, Selene pits them, Gajeel, and Laxus against Diabolos's strongest members in a contest to lớn find the heart. Wendy and Laxus duel Haku and Kirin, respectively, with Irene assisting Wendy in defeating Haku; meanwhile, Lucy, Erza, and Natsu are faced with Kiria, Misaki, and Suzaku after being separated. 12 July 8, 2022[32]978-4-06-528381-3April 11, 2023[33]978-1-64-651693-3
  1. "An Uninvited Guest" (招かざる客, Manekazaru Kyaku)
  2. "Quintessence of Fire" (炎の神髄, Honō no Shinzui)
  3. "Woman vs. Woman" (女と女の戦い, Onna to lớn Onna no Tatakai)
  4. "Friends Remembered" (仲間の記憶, Nakama no Kioku)
  5. "Blue Dimension" (青き次元ブルーディメンション, Burū Dimenshon)
  1. "The Màu sắc Scarlet" (緋色, Hiiro)
  2. "Fire & Moon" (炎と月, Honō to lớn Tsuki)
  3. "Dragon vs. Dragon" (双竜激突, Sōryū Gekitotsu)
  4. "The Earth Awakes" (大地の目覚め, Daichi no Mezame)
While Lucy and Erza defeat Kiria and Misaki, respectively, Natsu and Suzaku's battle is interrupted by the arrival of Ignia, who is searching for Elefseria's heart. Forming a truce against Ignia, Natsu and Suzaku follow him to lớn the base of the labyrinth, where they witness him destroying the heart and gravely injuring Selene in a duel. The heart's destruction revives Dogramag, who had stored his own life force within the heart to lớn kém chất lượng his own death as part of an unknown plan with Ignia. Before leaving, Ignia permits Dogramag to lớn kill everyone in the labyrinth except for Natsu, whom Dogramag challenges to lớn battle. 13 November 9, 2022[34]978-4-06-529716-2July 18, 2023[35]978-1-64-651890-6
  1. "The King's Soul" (王の魂, Ō no Tamashii)
  2. "The Voice of a Grudge" (呪怨の声, Juon no Koe)
  3. "The Earth's Cry" (大地の叫び, Daichi no Sakebi)
  4. "A Quiet Wish" (静かな願い, Shizukana Negai)
  5. "The Alchemist Guild" (錬金術士ギルド, Renkinjutsushi Girudo)
  1. "The Bonds of a Guild" (ギルドの繋がり, Girudo no Tsunagari)
  2. "The Man Loved by the Dragon Gods" (竜の神に愛された男, Ryū no Kami ni Aisareta Otoko)
  3. "Iron Strikes Back" (鉄のリベンジ, Tetsu no Ribenji)
  4. "Blade of Flames" (炎の刃, Honō no Yaiba)
Laxus has a rematch with Kirin, learning that his lacrima implant is the crystallized heart of the dragon whose soul is contained within Kirin's coffin. Hindered by the lacrima's resonance with the soul, Laxus removes his implant to lớn defeat Kirin. Meanwhile, Selene persuades Fairy Tail to lớn help her defeat Dogramag by destroying magical cores scattered across the labyrinth, which make him impervious to lớn Natsu and Suzaku's attacks. Gray and Gajeel prevent two of the cores from being stolen by Sai and a seemingly resurrected God Serena from the alchemist guild Gold Owl. After the cores are destroyed, Natsu performs a Unison Raid with Suzaku that kills Dogramag. 14 April 7, 2023[36]978-4-06-531285-8October 10, 2023[37]978-1-64-651891-3
  1. "Crumbling Labyrinth" (崩壊する迷宮, Hōkai suru Meikyū)
  2. "Naked Fellowship" (裸の付き合い, Hadaka no Tsukiai)
  3. "Guild History" (ギルドの歴史, Girudo no Rekishi)
  4. "Two Wishes" (二人の願い, Futari no Negai)
  5. "Apology" (謝罪, Shazai)
  1. "Home" (ただいま, Tadaima)
  2. "Five-Round Contest" (五本勝負, Gohon Shōbu)
  3. "The Great Saber Library" (セイバー大書院, Seibā Daishoin)
  4. "The Town of Filan" (フィランの街, Firan no Machi)
Fairy Tail and Diabolos escape from the labyrinth's collapse caused by Dogramag's death. Both guilds make peace with each other, as does Elefseria with Selene, who reveals herself to lớn be mortally wounded from her battle with Ignia. Irene saves her by enchanting Selene's wound onto herself; with Selene's help, Irene reincarnates in Edolas as Mystogan and Erza Knightwalker's newborn daughter. Before Natsu's team returns to lớn Magnolia, Elefseria and Selene reveal the existence of Athena, a weapon capable of killing Ignia and the other remaining Dragon God, Viernes. Back on Ishgal, Natsu's team and Jellal learn from Saber Tooth thành viên Sorano Agria that Athena is the mechanical White Wizard whom Faris impersonated, as well as a thành viên of Gold Owl. Joined by Jellal and members of Saber Tooth, Natsu's team travels to lớn the thành phố of Filan on Guiltina, where Natsu's friends are captured by locals under Gold Owl's orders. 15 August 8, 2023[38]978-4-06-532600-8April 9, 2024[39]979-8-88-877035-1
  1. "The Miner Guild Code" (炭鉱夫ギルドの掟, Tankōfu Girudo no Okite)
  2. "Tiger Allies" (共闘の虎, Kyōtō no Tora)
  3. "Gennai and Kotetsu" (ゲンナイとコウテツ, Gennai to lớn Kōtetsu)
  4. "Alchemical Smoke" (錬金の煙, Renkin no Kemuri)
  5. "The Signario Sisters" (シグナリオ姉妹, Shigunario Shimai)
  1. "Dream Death World" (ドリームデスワールド, Dorīmu Desu Wārudo)
  2. "God Shame" (ゴッド残念, Goddo Zannen)
  3. "Alchemizing Feelings" (感情の錬成, Kanjō no Rensei)
  4. "Bored" (うんざり, Unzari)
Natsu teams with Saber Tooth to lớn rescue his friends. Gray, Wendy, and Rogue Cheney meet Gold Owl's master and Athena's creator, Duke Barbaroa, who explains that he requires Dragon Slayer magic to lớn perfect Athena, stealing Wendy and Rogue's magic for this purpose. Minerva rescues Erza and Jellal, evading Gold Owl's powerful Signario Sisters in the process. Athena steals Natsu and Sting Eucliffe's magic when they and Yukino Agria rescue Lucy and Happy, revealing her desire for human emotion through Dragon Slayer magic. Lucy helps Athena realize that her ability to lớn feel already exists, persuading her to lớn negotiate with Duke over an alliance between Fairy Tail and Gold Owl, but Duke deems Athena to lớn be a failure and disposes of her.

These chapters have yet to lớn be published in a tankōbon volume. They were originally serialized in Magazine Pocket phầm mềm from June to lớn August 2023.

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An anime television series adaptation was announced during the "Hiro Mashima Fan Meeting" livestream on September 11, 2021.[40]