2013 Message- To all employees from Kazuo Hirai

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Hello everyone, and Happy New Year to you all.

Last year, I announced that “Sony will change,” and since then we’ve made great progress as “One Sony,” pursuing the far-reaching reforms that will lead to the turnaround and future growth of the electronics business. We launched the ten Corporate Initiatives to achieve this, and the hard work and difficult decisions we’ve all made since then are now forming the foundations of our revival.

Since becoming President, I’ve visited many Sony facilities around the world, to stand together with you all on the front lines. I tried to dedicate as much time to this as possible because I wanted to tell everyone directly, and in my own words, exactly why Sony must change, and how we could go about changing Sony together. Meeting with you all has encouraged me greatly, and I’m very glad to see so many people sharing the same enthusiasm for Sony, as well as the passion needed to turn the company around.

In 2013, we will begin to see these efforts come to fruition. The transformations we’re implementing are not only intended to improve our profitability and accelerate our turnaround, but will help us accomplish so much more. They are closely tied into our Mission as a company, which is to inspire and fulfill our customers’ curiosity.

msg from hirai

I believe that we can contribute to society by fulfilling this mission. And to achieve this, we’re introducing a Vision and set of Values to guide our actions.

msg from hirai

This Vision lays down the specific methods and direction we should follow. The words I’ve chosen for this Vision reflect our founders’ philosophy that have guided us to this day, through the “Sony DNA” that’s in all of us. It’s what allows us to deliver unique experiences through our products, services and content.

And finally, our Values represent the mindset and approach that I would like all of you to adopt as we face our challenges every day.

msg from hirai

Our Mission, Vision and Values apply not only to the electronics business but to the entire Sony Group, including music, pictures and financial services.

They’re not just temporary slogans. They have absolutely no meaning unless each of us embraces and takes them to heart in our own way. We cannot wait for others to solve our problems – we must take action ourselves. The future of Sony is in the hands of each and every one of you.

Of course we hear criticism from outside the company. We must take these opinions on board, but at the same time, we should not be swayed from our chosen course. We should all take pride in Sony, and in our products, services and content. Without this, there will be no recovery. If we all come together as one, aiming for the same common goals, then I’ve no doubt we can revitalize Sony and shine again.

Help me continue to change people’s lifestyles by creating the kind of experiences that only Sony can deliver. We at Sony exist to fulfill this aim through our passion, pride and dedication. Let’s all keep moving forward as “One Sony” this year.

Thank you.

President and CEO
Kazuo Hirai

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